Standard Gel Timer


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The Shyodu Gel Timer easily determines the gel time of resinous plastics, adhesives, drying oils, two-component elastomer, paints and other hardening liquids at ambient temperatures– A simple device for a simple test. A low-torque, synchronous motor rotates a specially shaped stirrer in the test sample. As gelation occurs, drag exceeds torque, which stops the gearmotor and elapsed timer and activates a flashing LED. Gel Time will be shown in hours, minutes and seconds on the digital display. The test time will remain displayed until reset, even when the power switch is turned off.


Pour the prepared material sample into the throwaway paper cup. Place the paper cup into the base of the unit by rotating the cup in the O-ring holder until seated completely. Insert the throwaway wire stirrer bottom into the cup and attach the top to the drive spindle, set the elapsed timer to “zero” and switch on the unit. When gelation occurs, read the time and discard the cup and stirrer. The Gel Timer gear motor can remain stalled for short periods without harm.


This durable gel timer uses inexpensive wire stirrers and paper cups. No special skills are required. Designed and constructed in the USA to offer long and useful laboratory or shop service.



Maximum recording time: 9999 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds

Minimum recording time: 1 second

Stir speed: 20rpm

Accuracy: +/- 2%

Electrical requirements: 110v/60Hz or 220v/50Hz

Electrical connection: 3-wire grounded cord set

Dimensions: 12″ L x 10″ H x 8″ W

Shipping Weight: 6 pounds